I know there are also buses between these cities, but I'm trying to find timetables for trains.

According to Seat 61,

A daytime train leaves Belgrade every day at 11:03 arriving Zagreb 18:11 & Ljubljana 20:56. It's a leisurely trip across the former Yugoslavia on a route once used by the Simplon Orient Express. Bring your own provisions and perhaps some beer or wine...

But what about the other direction, Zagreb to Belgrade? With quick look, I could not find that info on Seat 61, and the Croatian train company site doesn't show anything for Belgrade. Info from some official resource as well as recent first-hand experiences are both welcome.

  • Most (famous) trains run both directions and the Seat 61 site does not always mention the 'return to base' one. – Willeke Jul 1 '15 at 18:52

You can find the schedules via the website of the Serbian Railways. Note that you have to use the Serbian spelling of Belgrade, i.e. BEOGRAD:

enter image description here


I entered your found train into the German travel site, and found that same train. Then I clicked the ⇅ arrows, (the ones that reverse the direction of search) and the results were alike. One day train and one overnight. 11:05 to 17:32 and 23:48 to 5:52.

I would suggest you to run the site for a day you want to travel, I checked it for a couple of days from now.

Internet search only but I do find the German rail site rather reliable. (I would try to book through one of the involved national rail sites if possible, not the German one.)

  • If you are talking about Bahn.de, mention it by name, because everyone knows it by that name. It certainly was an improvement, but keep your bloody answer. – Jonik Jul 26 '15 at 19:32
  • Anyway, what I was really going to say: Thanks! Back in Zagreb, a hostel employee dug up and printed me the info from Bahn.de as well. Apparently hzpp.hr (in Croatian) somewhere said “international timetables” and that was just a link to Bahn.de! – Jonik Jul 26 '15 at 19:32

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