I have a bunch of upcoming 6+ hours long flights on Qatar Airways' new aircraft which have on-board WiFi from Oryx Communications. Is there any way I can find out in advance what the costs are for using this service?


According to this blog entry (screenshots of the signup page available), the prices are:

For Laptops

  • 20MB for $10 USD
  • 50MB for $18 USD
  • Full Flight for $22

For Mobile

  • 12MB for $5 USD
  • 5MB for $2 USD
  • 3 Hours for $10 USD

It is worth mentioning that the blog owner had a bad experience using the onboard wifi as most of the requests were timed out and pages were not loading. I personally had better experiences in other airlines using this service. So, I guess it totally depends on the strength of the Inmarsat satellite's signal.


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