Where can I find historical data on flights, specifically Delta international flights?

I need to find out about cancellations, diversions and any other flight data pertaining on particular route at a given time. This source has to be official and stand up to legal scrutiny.


The two best sources for this type of data are FlightAware and Flight Stats. Although these sites both get data from the FAA, I don't know that either would be considered "official".

The nearest to official source would be the FAA data available at http://www.bts.gov/xml/ontimesummarystatistics/src/index.xml however this data is always several months behind (eg, they currently have up to November 2011), and not as easy to search for specific flights as either of the above two sites.

For both Flight Stats and FlightAware you'll need to create an account and buy a subscription, unless the data you want is only a few days old.

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