I'm intending to travel to different countries soon. As an ASEAN Citizen I am free to travel to any ASEAN country (southeast Asia), after travelling in ASEAN I'll be headed to India where we can get a VOA or ETA. So I want to know if can I get an Egyptian Visa from India and if I can book one way ticket to Egypt from India?

Then I might be backpacking Africa and start in Kenya where I am visa-free. Can I book again one way ticket from Egypt to Kenya without return or onward ticket? (let's say I'll be backpacking Kenya-Tanzania)

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    What is your citizenship ? It might not matter in SEA, but might make a difference in Egypt or Kenya
    – blackbird
    Jun 17, 2015 at 17:15
  • Blackbird57 I am Filipino
    – MAK
    Jun 18, 2015 at 0:08

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You can obtain an egyptian visa in India from the embassy in New Delhi or consulate in Mumbai. This website states that "there is no need to appear personally at the embassy to apply for the Egypt visa. You can also apply with the help of any visa agents".

Regarding one-way ticket; I cannot answer specifically for Filipino's but in my experience of back-backing overland or using one way tickets i have never encountered a problem. As often proof of return or onward travel seems to be a requirement, though this online agent suggests that a travel itinerary should be sufficient absent a return ticket. If you add a cover letter explaining your intentions and proof of your previous travels i doubt you'll have any trouble obtaining a visa.

The lack of return ticket is occasionally questioned by customs but easily answered if you look like a tourist (and not a potential migrant) and your passport is full of visas and stamps from previous countries.

To make sure you could talk to a visa agent online or in India. Better yet contact now the Egyptian embassy in India with your query: india_emb@mfa.gov.eg.

In the worst case book a flexible ticket from Egypt to Kenya. That should meet Egyptian authorities' onward travel requirement.

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