Can someone identify this building for me and possibly write me anything about it?

enter image description here

I only know, that it is located in Lancaster.

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    how do you know that? Is the picture from a web page? Do you have an address? Jun 15 '15 at 19:50
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    Without knowing anything at all about it, I can tell you it's an old cotton mill. There are thousands of them all over the north of England. Jun 15 '15 at 19:58
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    @DanielRoseman is there anything specific about the mill that says "cotton" as opposed to, say, wool or wagons or beer or what have you?
    – phoog
    Jun 15 '15 at 20:15
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    Unfortunately the Google aerial photos of Lancaster seem to be rather low-resolution. But the fact that the street is at least 3-4 lanes may be helpful - Lancaster doesn't seem to have very many streets that wide. Jun 15 '15 at 21:04
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    @NateEldredge: It certainly doesn't, and those that do rarely have old mills on them. Unfortunately double yellow lines are invariably at the edge of the road,so this must be an ordinary street with a deceptive camera angle. Jun 15 '15 at 21:43

I think this is the building: Google Maps street view link

enter image description here

  • They must have gotten a heritage exclusion for the Sycamore tree.
    – Gayot Fow
    Jun 16 '15 at 11:12

I don't know for sure if they own the building, but the image appears on http://www.cassandra-fp7.eu/page/Workshop_home (on the first section of their slideshow), this could though be beacuse it is a stock image.

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    I think that's just a stock photo. I can't find any reference on that site to anything to do with Lancaster, and neither can Google. The site seems to be run by an institute in Greece. Jun 15 '15 at 21:18

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