I am arriving in Jakarta on the 21st of July at 15:40. The plan is to fly directly to Yogyakarta, where we plan on doing a couple of tours. I am fully aware that it is the holidays down there and everyone is travelling and everything is crowded (the reason why I want to order as much as possible already). Not much I can do about that. It happens to be the time when I also have vacations.

How long time do I need to count on from landing in Soekarno–Hatta to the departure of my plane to Yogyakarta. So I don't miss the plane

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Depends! Immigration and Customs at Jakarta can be very slow (an hour in line is not uncommon), so I would recommend adding a generous amount of buffer. I would not risk an int'l-dom connection on separate tickets with less than three hours to spare.

  • Terminal 2 is used by all international airlines (except Air Asia), and by Garuda domestic flights (only). The published minimum connecting time for Garuda int'l to domestic is 60 minutes, but this assumes you have a connecting ticket and are already checked-in; add at least 30 minutes if you need to check in again.
  • Terminal 3 is used by Air Asia int'l and domestic flights. They operate only a very limited "Fly-Thru" connecting service, and Yogya is not on the list. Regular check-in closes 45 minutes before departure, so I would allow at least 2 hours for the connection.
  • All other domestic flights use either Terminal 1 or Terminal 3, so you will need to transfer with a shuttle bus (every 10 minutes, in theory), which easily adds half an hour to your transit time.

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