I have a France-issued Schengen visa until 24/06/2015, and I would like to visit Spain between 21-27/06/2015. When I applied to visa to Spain consulate, they gave me a Schengen visa from 25/06/2015. So I have to enter to Spain with France-issued Schengen visa, and when I will want to leave, I will be used only 3 days from my new visa.

Later in July, I have to go to Germany, I did apply to Spain first because that was my first visit. I will stay in Germany around 10 days. I don't know if these 2 days visit are enough for them to enter Germany with Spain-issued Schengen visa.

It seems that two Schengen visas can not be issued same time. Is that true?


Yes it is.

Since Schengen visa allows to travel to any of the Schengen states only 1 visa of any given type can be issued for a given period.

There have been multiple related question on the subject:

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Describing the exact situation you're in having back to back visas and entering on one and leaving on another and possibly from a different country.

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