I want to go to Medan city center (Indonesia) when arriving by plane at Medan International airport (called Kualanamu International Airport).

Can I take a public bus? A tuk tuk? A rickshaw? A taxi?

If you have info on the prices (interesting for travellers on a budget) that'd be great too.

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    Much to far for a rickshaw (which is called becak in indonesia, in case you want to ask for one) unless you arrive at the old polonia airport which is located more or less in the heart of the city.
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Your Options Include Airport Train, Airport Shuttle, Buses, Taxis, and Renting a Car

The Kualanamu airport website has a page dedicated to airport transfer information. Several options are listed there along with the approximate prices for each solution. Being the first Sumatran airport to be directly linked to the city centre via rail, I think the Airport Train might be a good solution to reach Medan city. According to the linked website the cost of a train ride is (as of November 15th (I'm assuming) 2014) 80.000Rp. Buying several tickets at once entitles you to proportionally discounted fares. Below is a screenshot of the linked website with more information on the Airport train:

Airport train info screenshot

More information can be found on the website of Railink the company managing the trains. For completeness sake, your other options are buses, Airport shuttle, taxis and renting a car.


The airport is about 16km from the city center.

The information below is from May 2015

Options I know of:

  • Public bus: charges 20'000 IDR, it takes about 45min.

  • Taxi: charges circa 150'000 IDR




The best and cheapest option is a public bus, the Perum Damri bus. The last bus departs at 12pm to Medan city.

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