I would like to book a trip on Via Rail (the Canadian railway company) and I have seen that there is a partnership between Hostelling International and Via Rail for a 10% discount.

I have searched a way to book this trip with this discount online, but even with the discount code provided on HI website, I cannot really figure in the booking process how to benefit from it. Via Rail lists multiple Discount Types (e.g. Promotional Coupon, Other Special Discounts, E-coupon, ...), and requires for each a Discount Code and sometimes a Serial Number.

I have tried with some of these types, and the discount code provided on HI website. But in the end I always get the same error:

You have provided an invalid discount code and/or serial number for at least one passenger. Please correct (or remove) it below.

Is there a way to book it online? Otherwise, where can I take advantage of this fare? In HI hostels? at Via Rail stations?


The HI Hostels web site says that the Discount Type should be set to Corporate Rate and the Discount Code to 810945. When I tried this, it did indeed take $11.60 off a $116 Escape fare booking.

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