I would like to book a trip on Via Rail (the Canadian railway company) and I have seen that there is a partnership between Hostelling International and Via Rail for a 10% discount.

I have searched a way to book this trip with this discount online, but even with the discount code provided on HI website, I cannot really figure in the booking process how to benefit from it. Via Rail lists multiple Discount Types (e.g. Promotional Coupon, Other Special Discounts, E-coupon, ...), and requires for each a Discount Code and sometimes a Serial Number.

I have tried with some of these types, and the discount code provided on HI website. But in the end I always get the same error:

You have provided an invalid discount code and/or serial number for at least one passenger. Please correct (or remove) it below.

Is there a way to book it online? Otherwise, where can I take advantage of this fare? In HI hostels? at Via Rail stations?

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The HI Hostels web site says that the Discount Type should be set to Corporate Rate and the Discount Code to 810945. When I tried this, it did indeed take $11.60 off a $116 Escape fare booking.

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