I am traveling on United Airlines to Munich and then connecting to LuxAir. Will my checked in luggage be automatically transfered to the LuxAir flight or do I have to do it myself?


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I find this astonishing, but it seems the answer is no.

According to the computer reservation system, United Airlines has signed interline baggage agreements with the following airlines:

   AA  AB  AC  AF  AH  AI  AM  AR  AS  AV  AX  AY  AZ  A3  
   BA  BB  BE  BI  BR  BT  BW  CI  CM  CO  CS  CX  CZ  DL  
   EI  EK  EN  EQ  ET  EV  EY  FB  FI  FJ  FM  FV  FZ  GA  
   GF  GK  G3  HA  HO  HP  HU  HX  H2  IB  JJ  JL  JO  JP  
   JQ  J2  KA  KC  KE  KL  KM  KQ  KS  KU  KX  LA  LH  LO  
   LP  LR  LW  LX  LY  MD  ME  MF  MH  MI  MK  MQ  MS  MU  
   MX  NH  NU  NX  NZ  OA  OK  OM  OO  OS  OU  OV  OZ  PG  
   PK  PR  PS  PX  PZ  QF  QR  RJ  RO  SA  SK  SN  SQ  SU  
   SV  SZ  S2  S7  TA  TG  TK  TP  T0  UA  UL  UN  UP  US  
   UX  VA  VN  VS  VW  WM  WP  WY  XF  XL  ZH  ZK  2K  3K  
   3M  4M  4Q  4U  7H  9K  9W

As you will see, LG (Luxair) is not in the list. Therefore even on the same ticket, the baggage cannot be through-checked.

(The reason baggage interline agreements are needed is that, in international law, both the first and the final carrier in the baggage journey are both equally liable to the passenger for any defect or loss in the baggage on arrival. Therefore you may sue Luxair even though United lost the bag. Therefore how the liability is apportioned between them must be decided before the final carrier agrees potentially to take responsibility for the first carrier losing the bag.)

In the event you do manage to get this through-checked, I would be interested to hear about it!


Single reservation? Then the airline will interline it. Two tickets? You do it (you can try to beg for checking it through, after all Lufthansa owns partially and codeshares with LuxAir so an interline agreement is likely).

  • I checked, and I am utterly astonished to find that LG is not on the UA "MAY CHECK BAGGAGE TO" interline list. (It is on the ticket issuance interline lists.) If this is right then it will simply not be possible to through-check baggage.
    – Calchas
    Commented May 30, 2015 at 16:58

You should tell the staff that you have another flight when you check in at the first airport. They may help you to transfer

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