I'm going to be two weeks in Thailand and need a micro-sim for my iPhone (non jail broken). The main use will be data but obviously I will use it for calls and text too.

What are the recommended carriers? Where can I buy the sim? What are the rates?

  • Is your phone unlocked? If so, no international SIM is going to work in it.
    – Doc
    Jan 21, 2012 at 17:59

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Truemove-H is the Best for you, with fastest and most coverage 850MHz 3G Network in nationwide and very cheap price plan.

Best carrier coverage in Thailand is AIS but 3G is a few coverage in nationwide. so your mobile might be switch to EDGE when 3G not available.


When I got a pay-as-you-go SIM card in Thailand, my operator billed by the minutes used rather than the amount of data transferred; where 'minutes used' is the duration you are connected for online. (So it often made sense for me to download a file or load a page, then turn off data - because typically data connection remains open whenever your phone browser is - and then go back to the browser to read it. I heard however that now some mobile operator are offering data packs too. There are that many (just three major ones), so follow through to their site and see what they have.


The question is old yes, but I'd like to add my thoughts to this. I have been in BKK and southern region recently, and AIS (usually green color package) worked best IMO. A friend of mine bought a TrueMove (red color package) and it was OK too, but signals were not quite good as AIS.

In the Suvarnabhumi airport, go to the airport rail link. Near the 7-eleven, you'll see an AIS stall. They have the micro SIMs (and they didn't cut a mini SIM for me).

Beware that there are some packages with unlimited data for 2 weeks. The speed is terrible (similar to EDGE). AIS was good enough for Google maps and stuff.

You'll find many Wifi hotspots in Pratunam shopping complexes. I didn't really used data until we move to Pataya, Krabi, etc.


As an addition to the answers above you might wanna have a look at sensorly website.

It should give you general idea on which network will likely to work best based on specific area you are going...

enter image description here

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