I'm going to NY on the first fortnight of February. I'm aware that subways are the main means of transportation but I'm worried about frosts/freezes that could interrupt the service. Does it happen frequently enough to consider it? If so, Which other means of transportation are recommended?

Extra information:

  • I will be staying in Manhattan, near Time Square or Central Park (haven't decided yet).
  • Another 3 persons are traveling with me.

New York City subway service has only been interrupted once for snow in 110 years, and the decision to do so was criticized when the snowstorm actually dropped far less snow than expected.

It was also interrupted for Hurricane Sandy, back in 2012, but that was actually a well-advised closure.

You're extremely unlikely to see a system-wide service interruption, but individual services may be delayed or cancelled due to accidents, mechanical problems or the like. You can get information on service advisories from the MTA website or Twitter feed, or by email or SMS.

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