I was granted a visa to Australia few months ago. I like to travel to Australia in few days however I've just renewed my passport and I don't have enough time to inform them about my passport renewal, Can I travel to Australia by carrying both old and new passport?

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According to the Australia Department of Immigration and Border Protection, you need to notify Australia of your new passport before you travel, even if you have a visa label in your old passport. Australian visas are linked to your passport number, and travelers might not have a visa label in their passports at all.

If you read the form instructions for the notification form, it states that you can complete this form online. So you may be able to do this quickly enough to be able to travel.

Note that the form instructions state that you will not receive a reply. You can log in to ImmiAccount to check the status.

If your old passport has a visa label in it, you should bring it with you when you travel. Do not try to remove the label and place it in your new passport.

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