I am currently a member of the SNCF fidelity program and I am a "Grand Voyageur", a status that lets you collect points ("points monnaie") for every euro spent. Soon, it will be the anniversary of my membership so my status may change. In my case, as I did not collect enough "points statut", I will switch to the "Voyageur" status. This status does not have "points monnaie". Will I lose all of these "points monnaie" (if so I should try to redeem them) or are they independent from my status? I did not dig much in the help yet, the basic interface of my account does not mention any expiration date.


My membership's anniversary recently happened and I am back to the Voyageur status. I could in fact keep my points monnaie and use them for rewards. I could see some lines in the conditions about the expiration of these points though:

Le solde de points monnaie d’un client qui passe du statut Grand Voyageur au statut Voyageur est supprimé 6 mois après son entrée dans le statut Voyageur.

Which means that 6 months after switching from Grand Voyageur to Voyageur status, my points monnaie will expire. And indeed, every time I connected on the fidelity website, I got a notification that my points will expire, with the specific expiry date.

It is also written that I cannot earn these points monnaie (not points statut) when in the Voyageur status:

Un client au statut Voyageur ne cumule pas de points mais des trajets lui permettant de recevoir des Codes avantage.

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