I've heard that you can travel to South Korea without a visa if you have an Australian visa and your flight is bound to/from that country. I plan to do this to travel from the Philippines to South Korea (flying on Korean Air) and my final destination will be Australia. Will it work?

I'm a citizen of the Philippines.

I've found a link on Korea's official government website (Transit tourists bound for another country section) but not sure if you have from & to travel these 5 countries.


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Yes, you can travel to South Korea visa free, according to the official website for foreigners in Korea, as long as:

  1. You're not a citizen of Macedonia, Cuba, Syria, Sudan or Iran
  2. You're holding a valid visa for Australia in the form of a physical sticker (e-visas are excluded)
  3. You are traveling to Australia from any country OR traveling from Australia to any country
  4. You have a confirmed ticket to Australia departing within 30 calendar days of entering South Korea OR you have a valid ticket to any country outside of South Korea, if arriving directly from Australia
  5. You have no record of criminal offence in any of the five countries (U.S., Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand)

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