Does the 24h/48h/72h JUMP pass for Brussels need a MOBIB card, or can it be obtained as a standalone ticket? The STIB website gives different answers in different languages:

  • English: Available as a magnetic ticket too.
  • French: Only available on a MOBIB or MOBIB basic card.

Yes it does. The English description is not up to date.

There is also a "JUMP 1 day ticket", which is valid until the end of the day it has been obliterated. This one is still available as a "traditional" magnetic card.

Source: STIB Transport rules https://www.stib-mivb.be/vervoer_transport.html?l=fr

If you want a 24/48/72 hours ticket you can also ask for a so-called MOBIB Basic card. It is easier to obtain as it is not personal.

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