Is it possible for a British passport holder to get a 15-day multiple-entry visa on arrival at Kathmandu airport? The information online seems inconsistent about whether it's only single-entry visas that can be obtained on arrival. I know I can get one in advance from the Nepalese embassy, but that's not very convenient as there are limited times when I can be without my passport and I have a few other visas to sort out before departing.

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The Nepalese visa regulations state that multiple-entry tourist visas for up to 90-days can be obtained both on arrival, as well as by applying prior to travelling. The application to the Director General is however required to renew the visa within the same visa year. Quoting from the linked website:

Nepal tourist visa

The visa fees are summarised in Appendix 9 of the regulations and are of:

Nepal visa fees

Note however that as of June 2014 Visa on arrival facilities in Nepal are not available to Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Swaziland, Somalia, Ethiopia, Liberia, Iraq, Palestine and Afaganisthan nationals.

  • The table of fees only lists multiple-entry fees, so I guess there isn't any other sort. If so, that answers the question. Thanks. Apr 20, 2015 at 15:44

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