I've been looking around for a Canadian credit card that offers out-of-country medical insurance for at least 30 days. I notice a lot of cards have 7 days or less. Does such a card exist? A card will realistic policies not one with 30 day coverage with so much red tape that you will never have a successful claim.

Edit: After more research it appears only primary card holders are covered? What I'm wondering is whether there exists a card that covers secondary/additonal users too.

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According to creditcards.ca,

ScotiaGold Passport represents the most generous coverage since its no-charge emergency travel insurance lasts for up to 31 days per trip.


BMO World Elite's coverage is capped at 21 days per period of travel, while Aspire World covers 22-day journeys for Canadians under the age of 65

I also found a table comparing cards on rewardscanada:

showing that National Bank of Canada actually has one that gives up to 60 days, among other cards offering 31 days as well.

TheStar also compares a few with some warnings, but once again mentions National Bank of Canada and their 60 day policy.

  • For people in their fifties or older, the age restrictions can bite as well- reducing the coverage period significantly in some cases. Apr 22, 2015 at 17:54

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