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A further question is whether it would be possible to get a UK visa in my Turkish passport, to avoid any such ambiguities in future.


You could try talking to the Pakistani Embassy to find out if presenting a British passport at the same time as your Turkish one might count as "having a British visa". It might depend on the exact legal definition.

Getting a UK visa when you are already a UK citizen is going to problematic, even if it is possible, and may make someone suspicious of why you are doing it. You could also try to obtain a Schengen or US visa with your Turkish passport, both of which should be possible. It's also possible (though not necessary) to obtain a US visa with a British passport.

However the point of the exercise seems to be to avoid getting a Pakistani visa in advance - but to do it you have to apply for another visa (in advance). Unless there is a really good reason it would seem to be simpler to just apply for an advance visa from Pakistan.

  • Thanks. I suppose it's a little ambiguous. Do you think my best bet would be to contact the embassy in Turkey or my local one in the UK? Not that I have any immediate plans to visit Pakistan, but it would be helpful to know for future reference. – und Apr 12 '15 at 16:10
  • Can/do uk citizens need/get Schengen sticker visa? – DavChana Oct 6 '16 at 13:22

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