As a South-African citizen, I have received a valid 30-day tourist visa for Dubai, UAE. At the end of my vacation, I will be traveling on to the Seychelles for a few days, before returning home. My return flight has me arriving in Dubai with a one night layover before my final flight the next day back to South-Africa.

Do I need to get a second visa for the one night I'll be spending in Dubai on the return flight's layover?

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    I'm not familiar with UAE visas but does your visa (e-visa?) say it is single entry or multiple entry?
    – dearN
    Apr 10 '15 at 16:57

Apparently, its a transit & you don't need any visa at all for your return flight. Also, if your return stay is longer than 12 hours, the airline would provide you with a transit visa of 24 hours. (if you're traveling with Emirates. I'm not sure about other airlines).

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