I applied for my UK tourist visa on 30th March and got an SMS saying my application has been sent to the embassy. I haven't heard anything since. Any idea how long they typically take for processing or the next update? Because there is no way to track it online.

  • @Vince's excellent answers covers it all. In addition to the average 10 business days processing time, from personal experience there are times when the Embassy does a deeper investigation into your application and calls you for an interview. This could either be because of something suspicious in your application or (in my case, as I was told) random sample checks they do. – Ankur Banerjee Apr 6 '15 at 16:50

The Home Office provides a tool (in beta version) to estimate the time your application will take. The announced duration is in business days.

For General Visit visas from New Delhi, 98% of applications take 10 business days or less. You should go through the estimation process with your specific situation (since I don't know your precise situation). But a priori that's not too bad you got no answer yet.

It has been only 4 business days so far, usually 5 applications in 6 are processed within this timeframe. Last Friday and today (Monday) were bank holidays in the UK so the embassy employees were not working. I didn't find if there is any Indian holiday, if so it would make the process even longer. Your application may take another 10 calendar days without it being abnormally long.

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