I don't like very touristic places, and I don't care about the international renown of a restaurant. I do care about their local renown, since I enjoy to be among the locals. (For instance, I like becoming my menu in without translation, sign that tourists don't discover that place so easily; but that's dispensable).

Accordingly, I'd like somebody to recommend me a place to eat in Venice and Verona, local traditional dishes (preferentially affordable, but if it's quite good food, it doesn't matter). I'll be there in May (in case it's relevant).

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    You can check out the Ristorante Cuore Antico in Verona. "Discovered" about 10 years ago and we turned it in to a Christmas dinner tradition. In Venice, it's strictly La Caravella, it's a bit pricey and perhaps borderline 'touristy' so maybe it doesn't count. – Gayot Fow Mar 29 '15 at 22:45