Amtrak Select Plus and Select Executive statuses provide

Unlimited access to ClubAcela®, Amtrak's Metropolitan LoungeSM, First class lounges and United Club lounges.

Can an Amtrak Select Plus/Executive member enter an Amtrak lounge at any time, even if he or she does not have a train ticket?

Unlike airport lounges, Amtrak lounges are outside the security perimeter; therefore, any ticket checks would need to happen at the lounge entry desk. The rules say "unlimited access," which suggests to me that they can be accessed at any time.

United Club Members also have free access to Amtrak lounges, but might be subject to different rules. I am specifically interested in travelers with Amtrak status, but others might be interested in whether answers apply to United Club members, too.

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It seems to be possible to enter without a train ticket for these members.

On their lounge page, Amtrak lists who can access them. They list those specifically needing a ticket:

  • Amtrak passengers with a same-day ticket (departing) or ticket receipt (arriving) in First Class or sleeping car accommodations.
  • Complimentary ClubAcela Single-Day Pass holders. Same-day travel ticket not needed.

However, regarding the Amtrak members, the ticket is not needed:

  • Amtrak Guest Rewards members with a valid Select Plus or Select Executive member card.

So it looks like the agent at the counter would not ask to see a ticket to let a member of Amtrak Select Plus or Select Executive enter there. You need to have the card, though - I don't know if Amtrak systematically sends a card to all its members.

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