As usual there are lots of fake sites when trying to Google for current facts about embassies and consulates.

I want to know what my options are for where to apply for my Chinese visa in Vietnam.

I might assume that there would be an embassy in Hanoi and a consulate in Ho Chi Minh, but assumptions are often wrong.


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Here's a community wiki to add to if there are more than these two:

Embassy in Hanoi, as expected:

  • 46 Hoang Dieu Rd, ☎ +84 4 3845-3736.

Consulate in Ho Chi Minh, as expected:

  • 175 Hai Bà Trưng, District 1, ☎ +84 8 3829-2463, fax: +84 8 3827-5845

These first two answers are from Wikivoyage. I went through each page for each city in Vietnam and did not find any others. But you never know ...

The Wikipedia page on Chinese embassies and consulates around the world agrees that these are the only two.

The "Embassies > Asia" and "Consulates General > Asia" pages on the Chinese Ministry of Foreign website also agrees these are the only two.


Searching in French fortunately yields fewer spam results and many forum/blog posts. There is definitely an embassy/consulate in Hanoi were foreigners can get a visa (here is a very detailed description by someone who did get a visa there a little over a year ago).

Wikipedia also says something about a consulate-general in Ho Chi Minh City but no details on whether you can get a visa there. The website of the French consulate-general in Ho Chi Minh City also mentions it, with contact details.

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