I'm travelling to Canada

Does anyone know which prepaid SIM card has the best data plan?

In term of data usage and 3G/4G coverage. I don't think I'm ging to need to call a lot so talk time/texting/etc. are just optional. The only thing I care is data, preferably 2GB with cheapest fee.

  • T-mobile's data plans work in Canada. $20 for 1GB
    – asahi
    Commented Aug 17, 2015 at 13:15

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Here's what the current Telco providers have for prepaid data plans (closest to 2GB):

  • Rogers offers 2GB on the Talk, Text and Internet 80. $80.75/month. $0.04/mb
  • Bell offers 2GB on the Prepaid - 100MB with $50 add on. $70.75/month. roughly $0.03/mb
  • Chatr offers 1GB on the Canada-wide Talk & Text with $25 add on. $60.00/month. $0.06/mb
  • Telus offers 400MB on the Talk + Data + Messaging 40. $40.00/month. $0.1/mb
  • Fido offers 1GB on the The base Prepaid plan ($15.75) with a $30 add on. $45.75/month. $0.04/mb
  • Koodo offers 1GB on the The base Prepaid plan ($15.00) with a $30 add on. $45.00/month. $0.04/mb
  • This is a very through review of the prepaid plans however this is not what the OP asked -- he wanted data. There are data only plans, mostly sold as "ipad plan" or "tablet plan" or sometimes "mobile internet".
    – user4188
    Commented Mar 2, 2015 at 7:50
  • To ecnepsnai: thanks a lot for the compilation. I myself would never be able to get this list. To chx: thanks for the internet plan suggestion as well. But I think even though it's not imminent now, I guess I still need calling somehow, so I will personally choose Bell talk + 2GB data plan added on.
    – Tommy
    Commented Mar 2, 2015 at 9:38

Bell has a 30 day pass data plan which is $35 for 5GB of data. This is $0.007/MB. Very good value. Use a SIP talk and SMS. I use Anveo, it gives you Canadian numbers that can receive SMS -- you will get them in email. And can send SMS via email, too.

Wind Mobile will give you an unlimited data/text/talk plan for $35 (for more details consult the quick compare chart on the linked page) but if you go above 5GB you will be throttled. You need an AWS capable phone, there is no LTE and the coverage especially inside highrises is weaker. Wind calls prepaid "Pay Before". They also have a Mobile Internet Plan which is only $25 for 3GB and $35 for Unlimited which is again 5GB, really.

I would go with the Bell plan if I were you or if you are really short on money then perhaps the $25 for 3GB on Wind if my device would support it. (But then again I would rather skip going to Starbucks twice to save $10.)

  • In terms of a Canadian number, the iOS App called Free Tone gives you a Canadian number which you can receive/send texts from within the app.
    – user43666
    Commented May 18, 2016 at 22:54

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