I need to get from Atatürk Airport landing at around 6 to the port for the BUDO catamaran.

Would a bus or taxi be a better choice?

Also, which buses would be best and would I have to book in advance (preferably with fares and times)?

  • Which port exactly are you taking about? Is it the Yenikapi terminal? – JoErNanO Feb 24 '15 at 7:49

Rome2Rio comes in handy for this:

They suggest 3 routes:

  • Car Ferry via Yalova - $12-$15 (although you'll need a car) (~2.5 hours)
  • Bus via Yalova - $24-26 (~4 hours)
  • Train and Bus via Aksaray (~4.5 hours) $19-$22

which would be 'best' depends on you, your travel plans and time and money, but as a general rule - if you're not used to travelling in a new country, choose the option with fewest changes.

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