I have to travel to Israel for a short trip on my Indian Visa. I'm currently studying in the US on an F-1 Visa. I read that I need a tourist visa to travel to Israel. What are the steps I need to take to get one ?

Do I need to make a trip to the Israel Embassy ?


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Yes, at least you need to double check the current visa situation with the embassy through the phone.

If you are from an Asian nation, it is the best to contact the embassy regarding your trip. Israel rightfully so, takes their country's security very very seriously.

Additional Note: Also, you need to choose your destination wisely and don't do anything stupid (e.g., going to the conflict zone and start taking pictures) while you are there; or you might confused the forces, and you get shot at right in there, as they might think you are there to join the 72 virgins.

  • join the 72 virgins Well I laughed, but it might be offensive for some persons on this forum. Not everybody has a taste for all types of humour.
    – DumbCoder
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  • @DumbCoder Actually this is something that came from hard liners' philosophy, and not a whole religion. Anyhow enjoying my freedom of speech ;-)
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