What are the tipping etiquette in different countries? How much tip should I give to a waiter/waitress?

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    My original question ( travel.stackexchange.com/questions/229/… ) about references for tipping etiquettes has been closed by Joel since "we want answers, not links to answers". According to the relatively large number of upvotes such a tipping reference database would be useful, so I rephrase the question. Someone please change the question to community wiki. – asalamon74 Jun 24 '11 at 19:42
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Kicking off with a few I know...


  • Restaurants - 10% (but check the bill - it's sometimes already put on there, especially for big groups)
  • Taxis - 10%
  • Pubs/Bars - none


  • Restaurants - 5-10%
  • Taxi - round up
  • Pubs/Bars - none


  • Restaurants - 10% (generally only mid price - fancy restaurants only though)
  • Taxis - round up
  • Pubs/Bars - none


  • 15-20% to almost everyone...

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