In Terminal One, there is a hotspot, but it requires registration. In Terminal 7, (If I recall), British Airways have WiFi for their travellers.

Where at JFK, can one get free Internet access, and in what conditions?

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Paid: Free 30 Minutes of Wi-Fi Source
Pay as you go: $4.95 per hour
Day Pass: Unlimited access for a 24-hour period, $7.95
Unlimited Access: Unlimited access for a month, $9.95 per month
Paid Wi-Fi available is some gates.

Free (Work In Progress):
Terminal 4- Jetblue offers free Wi-Fi (sometimes)
Terminal 4- Terminal 5- Jetblue offers free Wi-Fi

  • Ok, so the paid options are available on all terminals. How are the hotspots named? And I assume the payment is done online via a credit card?
    – s.brody
    Feb 9, 2015 at 11:23
  • One I recall was Boingo Hotspot.
    – s.brody
    Feb 9, 2015 at 11:24

If your laptop has a relatively good antenna, then you can stalk the outside of Delta Sky Club lounges and see if you can pick up their free internal wifi. There was a period when they were enforcing passwords / logins, but this is no longer the case apparently (I now have a mobile plan that allows sharing, so I no longer lounge-stalk).


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