For a UK citizen, can the process for a short-term residency permit for Kurdistan be started and completed once in Kurdistan (say, for those eligible, in the 15 day visa free period) or must it have started before entry?

Recent first-hand experience preferred.

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According to the Kurdistan Government's representation in Spain:

Visitors wishing to extend their stay in the Kurdistan Region beyond a three month period must apply for a Card of Residence. Below is a general outline of the requirements for obtaining a residency card for an extended stay in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq:

  • One will need a sponsor/guarantor,
  • Fill out Application
  • Undergo a blood test
  • Provide 2 Photos
  • Clear an investigation

Pictures and blood tests are performed at the KRG Directorate of Residency offices. The fee is 36,000 Iraqi Dinars, and the process usually takes approximately 2-3 hours.

There appear to be three KRG Directorate of Residency offices:

  1. Erbil International airport
  2. Soran District Office
  3. Haji Omaran Border Checkpoint

Therefore it is impossible to submit the full documentation for a residency permit outside of Kurdistan. Of course, given the current instability in the region it's hard to say if any official procedures are being followed.


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