Is there a service (don't mind paying a bit) that will tell me historically which month has the lowest airfare between two travel destinations? The thing is, that I need to fly to India from Canada (return trip) to see my family every year but I am flexible with time of visit.

So it will be helpful if I could get an idea when the airfare for this route is historically low.

  • I think for Canada or at least air Canada flying out of the country/round trips it's cheaper to get tickets in the winter/first quarter of the year for tickets later in the year. Once the good weather starts, I believe the price goes up. My wife always gets our ticket in april or earlier for something that's in sept or october
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  • Although posted later, your question is answered here, so I would like to redirect you to that page instead of copy-pasting here.
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I recently found a website showing reports that are interesting from this point of view.

Hopper shows much information in reports for any pair of origin/destination airports.

For you, I took the example of Montreal-Mumbai (as you did not specify which airports you targeted - I let you read the report for your expected trip). What we can see is it is cheaper in April - but March seems good as well. Apparently it is better to fly out on a Sunday and fly back on a Tuesday.

You can find more information in their full report but that might be too much and anyway it depends on a lot of things, including as @pnuts suggested, on the price of oil which varies a lot.

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