So I'm planning a hitchhiking trip and I wounder if there is any chance to get a job on a cargo ship in Portugal and work there till I get to USA (in order to get there without spending any money on tickets). I speak a little bit Portuguese as well.


Do you have a valid work visa for Portugal?

Do you have any qualifications to work on a freighter? Ordinary / Able Seaman? Deckhand? Cook (with ship experience - it's not a hotel)?

Given that you asked here, I would guess no.

You can try the larger ports, but the days of just walking up to a ship and getting a short-term job are ling gone. Have Plan B ready before your visa expires.

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    I'm under the impression work visa isn't needed, the ship is very likely to be flagged somewhere offshore (not and not Portugal) that has lenient regulations for shipping.
    – Carl
    Jan 13 '15 at 16:17

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