Is it possible for an Israeli citizen to get from Tel Aviv to Amman for less than $400 (cost of a direct round-trip flight)? I see that there is relatively straightforward border crossing through Allenby Bridge, but it's closed to Israeli passport holders.

Rome2Rio doesn't have a clue either.


The cheapest way I know is to get a bus from Nazareth all the way to Amman using a company called Nazarene Tours. The bus departs almost daily at 8AM and will cost around $20. You will be dropped off around Amman University. A public bus from Tel Aviv to Nazareth will cost you less than $10.

Another company called Mazada Tours has a direct bus from Tel Aviv but the cost is around $90. Not worth it.

If you don't want to take a private bus for some odd reason, you can take a public bus to Bet She'an (around $15), a taxi to the border ($15), then a taxi from the border to Amman ($55+).


If you are not traveling alone you can use a Taxi, which could run you by my calculation about $250pp.

If you want it even cheaper you can do a more complicated route of Tel Aviv - Eilat (#393, #394), Eilat - Aqaba and finally Aqaba - Amman.

Or you can do a straight trip as described on True Nomads, which would all run a lot less then $400 for a flight.

  • The $400 I quoted is the cost of a round-trip flight. And it seems that the cheapest overland round-trip connection would cost around $300 :( – JonathanReez Jan 10 '15 at 12:00

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