I'm looking for via ferratas somewhere in Europe, but not in the Alps or Dolomites due to financial reasons. What places do you recommend for beginner in this way of hiking?

Edit: After some research I can clarify my question: What place in Pyrennes would you recommend for via-ferrata beginner? I'm planning to stay in one place without car and make one day trips, so routes should be close to that destination.

  • I don't know how common via ferratas are but I do know Europe is very big. As per the Stack Exchange guidelines you can see in the FAQ we're not supposed to encourage list questions or subjective questions such as recommendations. If you can make your requirements a lot more specific it can narrow down the possible answers though and become quite a good question. Commented Dec 17, 2011 at 18:04

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Andorra has a lot of via ferratas and is small enough to do without a car. You can find a list of all via ferratas in Andorra with their corresponding difficulty level. Also you can find information about how to move through Andorra by public transport here.

This is the "Canal del Grau" via ferrata, a difficult one


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