I hold an Australian passport and stopped in London on the way to Malta for 9 hrs and got passport stamped. Have been in Malta since.

Can I return if it has been over 90 days?

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    The UK does not have any restrictions about 90 days; and a 9 hour layover doesn't count as a day in the first instance. You can visit again right now if you want. – Gayot Fow Jan 7 '15 at 0:14
  • If you wish to be cold and wet and spend an incredible amount of money on mediocre food - you can do this, yes! :-) – Fattie Dec 26 '18 at 14:45

The visa policy for Aussie citizens:

Australian citizens are able to visit the United Kingdom for up to 6 months (or 3 months if they enter from the Republic of Ireland) without the need to apply for a visa as long as they fulfil all of the following criteria:

  • they do not work during their stay in the UK
  • they must not register a marriage or register a civil partnership during their stay in the UK
  • they can present evidence of sufficient money to fund their stay in the UK (if requested by the border inspection officer)
  • they intend to leave the UK at the end of their visit and can meet the cost of the return/onward journey they have completed a landing card and submitted it at passport control unless in direct transit to a destination outside the Common Travel Area if under the age of 18, they can demonstrate evidence of suitable care arrangements and parental (or guardian's) consent for their stay in the UK

There are more links and some clauses (eg if you have a criminal conviction), but generally you can certainly visit without problem, as long as you can show onward travel and funds to support yourself if asked.

The UK doesn't have a 90-day rule, unlike Schengen/US limits.

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