The last time I was in Tokyo without a place to sleep, an incredibly helpful japanese couple guided me to an internet cafe that offered single rooms with a bed-couch for a far cheaper price than any hotel. They even had a shower.

How can I find such places in Japan without relying on helpful strangers?

Is there a way to look them up in advance?

Is there some sign I would recognize when passing by such a place, with only a very cursory knowledge of kanji?

Or is this perhaps a standard offer for certain brands of internet cafes? How would I recognize those?

Or if this really requires some local insider knowledge, what is the correct term to ask the locals for?

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Yeah. They're called Manga Cafes, or mangakissa, and you need to find if they have seating options - ie reclining, pair seat, party room or more.

Wikipedia's page on Manga Cafes

Apparently there's a search engine for them that lets you specify criteria, but I'm getting a Tomcat error when I look - so not sure if it's just temporarily not working or down.

Sunny Pages also lets you search for them in English, as well as a variety of other types of cafes (Maid cafes, for example).

And mobile netcafe is another location that lets you search for them online by prefecture.


I used this Tokyo Cheapo post to find internet cafes (specifically the Manboo! brand). Manboo! has standard pricing and are relatively easy to find.


Some onsens (public bath) offer accomodation too. You can find them easily, they have a common symbol:


And some very cheap options are listed here too: http://justporcupine.com/backpacking-in-japan-sleep/

  • It's actually fairly uncommon for onsen to offer cheap accommodation in Japan. Capsule hotels, on the other hand, tend to offer elaborate bathing facilities as a part of the deal. Jan 21, 2015 at 3:27

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