I came across the DAR, Discount Argentina, card (discountargentina.com) while looking up information about museums in Buenos Aires. I was wondering, if anyone has had experience with this card, have you found it worthwhile? Is there a preferable place to get the card? Any other tips?

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This is a very personal question, because it depends on what you want to do during your stay in Argentina. Personally I believe it's not worth the price you pay because prices in Argentina are really low. For example, you can go to dinner for 5 USD (good dinner, not fast food), so a 20% discount in a restaurant that costs 30 USD isn't worth it unless you specifically want to go to this restaurant. Or for instance, you can go to see a free tango show (you only pay for the drinks) unless you pay an entrance and an expensive drink.

So my advice is, make a plan based around what you really want to do and check how much you would save with this card. Also you can ask here for budget or even free alternatives.

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