In a few weeks time, I'm flying internationally from Cairns airport. I'm wondering if there's a lounge there that I'll have access to, as that affects how early/late I'll want to get to the airport for.

I've had a look on the Cairns Airport passenger facilities page, and it details about the Qantas domestic club lounge, but nothing about any lounges in the international side.

Is there a lounge in the international side of the airport? And if so, what are the rules on who can enter it (frequent travellers, business class passengers etc)?

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There is a lounge, but the airport website doesn't seem to mention it...

It's a third party lounge, the Reef Lounge.

Cathay Pacific offer their status + business class customers access to it, as apparently do JetStar for their Economy Starter Max and Business Max passengers.

You can also get access to the lounge with a Priority Pass card. The Priority Pass website has quite a lot of details on it, but I can't work out how to link to the page, so you'll need to start on the homepage, pick Australia + Cairns + Reef Lounge to see all about it!

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