I am a new US citizen and need to use my US passport to travel to Brazil since I need to show proof of residency and I no longer have my green card that goes with my Cyprus passport. However, I can enter Brazil visa-free with my Cyprus passport and would like to be able to do that rather than getting a visa on my US passport.

My question: Can I depart the US with my US passport and enter Brazil with my Cyprus passport? Or, will the US airline agents demand to see a visa if I'm using the US passport? Will they be OK if I tell them I'm using the Cyprus passport to enter Brazil?

I'd appreciate your help in figuring this out. Thanks much! Stephan


You can enter/leave the US on your American passport and enter/leave Brazil on your Cyprian passport. As long as you're entering and leaving a given country on the passport of the local country (if you have one) or the same passport (if you don't have a local one) you should be fine.

In general airlines will not check your visas for you (one exception I have found is Porter Airlines from Toronto to the US, presumably because they found the cost of repatriating people who didn't sign up for ESTA exorbitant).

  • Typically, when it's the airline's responsibility to fly you back if you're found to not have valid papers on arrival, the airline will check your credentials.
    – MastaBaba
    Dec 5 '14 at 11:01

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