I am a US citizen with a US passport, traveling to Mumbai through Zurich. Indian travel visas have already been obtained. The return flight has an extended layover for a few hours, and my wife and I would like to exit the airport and visit Zurich briefly. Do we need Swiss visas to do so? If so, what kind of visa would we need?

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    Yes - you can go outside, I've done it a month ago while traveling from Russia. You need tram # 10 to get to the center.
    – TT_
    Dec 4 '14 at 18:37

A visa is not required for a US citizen to enter Switzerland (who plans to stay for less than 90 days).

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    (... and who has been in any of the Schengen countries on less than 90 of the preceding 180 days). Dec 4 '14 at 23:11
  • @HenningMakholm exactly. Dec 5 '14 at 13:42

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