I am an Indian resident, and I will need to apply for a US visa in a while through my employer. I am not sure which visa it will be but it will be for a short duration (less than 2 months). I have filed an income tax return (ITR) for last year but not before that. I have in total 3.5 years of experience as of now and I have paid all my taxes on time.

Can I be denied Visa due to non availability of ITR for previous years? What are other important documents needed for a US visa?

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    I'm probably not the only one who doesn't know what ITR means. Is it another case of India's famous TMA? – hippietrail Nov 20 '14 at 11:39
  • @JoErNanO : I am both. – Jason Nov 20 '14 at 11:46
  • @hippietrail : I don't know what you are referring to by TMA, but I meant was "Income Tax Return". – Jason Nov 20 '14 at 11:47
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    I explained what I meant in just few minutes after you pointed that out, and now I see some help. Thanks Anyway. – Jason Nov 20 '14 at 12:09
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    @pnuts: Thanks, I believe As I will be traveling on my employer's requirement, so the invitation and other document from US Division of my employer should be fine. – Jason Nov 21 '14 at 4:36

This page shows all the documents that your sponsor/employee needs to submit for processing your visa:


And here you can find the list of all documents that you will need to submit:


While your employer should be able to provide all ITR documents for the organization, it is not required for an individual.

If you are paying taxes in India, Form -16 as a proof of tax is good enough as mentioned in the visitor-documents pages.

P.S. My husband got his H1-B recently and we submitted a copy of the last year's Form 16 only. ITR-V documents were not asked from us.

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  • I already have 11 ITR documents till date, but this year i am trying to get returns as employer or Service provider. Will it be problematic in future if i apply for H1B. My current company is not India listed and i am getting amount without any deduction except GST for dollar conversion. – insoftservice Mar 9 at 6:28

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