How can I travel overland from Douala to Brazzaville/Kinshasa by terrestrial public transport? (Meaning I don't have a vehicle and don't want to drive or hitchhike.) Bus, train, and the like.

I care about a fair balance of cheap and fast. I don't want to spend two weeks doing this, nor do I want to spend more money than I must.

I found this story about travelling from Douala to Namibia.

I'm considering going from Douala to Kinshasa myself. So I'd like to see an overview of costs. I guess visa costs (for EU/Dutch citizen) will be biggest chunk of this.

There's a boat from Brazzaville to Kinshasa so the dangers in DR Congo are not really an issue.

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The best answer you're going to get is from someone who's done it which, as you linked in your question, would be this guy. If you follow his instructions to get from Douala to Pointe-Noire it's then a simple case of getting the Congo-Ocean Railway straight to Brazzaville. The only part he gives only the option of hitching is Bifoum to Lambaréné:

you want to get off at the Lambaréné-Libreville junction in Bifoum, just 70 kilometers from Lambaréné, and hitch a ride from there. Pay 2-3,000 CFA for the ride from Bifoum to Lambaréné.

Going off his rough costs, it's about 20 euro (12,000 CFA) for each leg.

Visa prices are prone to change, but 70 euros for Gabon, US$141 for Cameroon and GBP60+ for the Congo.

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