Assuming I can correctly understand the right tickets for using the BKK Budapest public transport system, I'm planning to take the 200E bus from Budapest airport to Kőbánya-Kispest, then the metro onwards from there.

However, a possible wrinkle is that my flight is set to get into Budapest fairly late, and even if everything goes well I suspect I won't have got my bags and cleared immigration + customs until at least 10pm. If there's any delays or problems, I could well see that being 11pm+.

That makes me wonder - how late does the 200E bus run? Does the last bus get you in before the last metro leaves, or could you be stranded at Kőbánya-Kispest for the night? And other than taxis, are there any alternatives for late night departures?

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After hunting around on the BKK english language website, I've found the answer.

There's a handy bi-lingual PDF of the bus times and connections from the airport available on their site, if you dig down enough

In summary:

  • From 3:30am until 11pm, there's a 200E bus every 7-8 minutes, which will connect you with Metro line 3
  • Between 11pm and just after midnight, there's a 200E roughly every 15 minutes, but you have to change at Határ út M for a 9xx bus to the city
  • From 00:21 until 03:30, there's a 900 night bus roughly every hour

Exact timings vary, so it seems worth printing the PDF if you think you might be very late. The latest PDF should be findable from the BKK english timetables page

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