I am travelling to the US tomorrow. My surname in visa : Kanduri Rajani My surname in my New Passport: Kanduri

My old passport expired and in the new passport, I changed my surname to 'Kanduri' So, present surname in passport : Kanduri

Will there be any objection if there is a difference in surname in passport and visa?


Assuming you travel with both passports, you should be fine.

A name change is a fairly common event for people, particularly after marriage. Immigration will have dealt with it before.

However, you will still need to present the visa. Again this is a common enough activity, and presenting the old passport with visa, and the new passport as a valid ID, should be fine. I've done this before with two passports and a visa in the old one, and they didn't have any issue with this.

If you're concerned, bringing the documentation of your name change should provide absolute certainty.

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