I am new at this site so I might not be the best at explaining what question I am asking.

First off, I'll tell you what flight/seats I am on: I'm flying with united 1. Airbus A320-seat 7C 2. Canadair regional jet 700- seat 18B 3. Bombarder Q400- seat 7B 4. Boeing 737-900-seat 8D

I do have fear of flight so I do like to keep myself busy. A few questions I have are: Is there any wifi (because I know some planes have that), also are cellphones allowed to be used/turned on in a plane? Are you able to use your computer, and last but not least are there plug ins to plug a device in to charge it?

Another part of this post is that I am a smoker. I will be leaving from Seattle airport, having a lay over in San Francisco and then going to Oklahoma. On the way back I have a lay over in Denver. In any of these airports are there smoking areas to go outside or anything, or do I have to go all the way to the entrance and before my flight go threw customs again just to have a smoke?

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    You have asked many questions here. Pleas try to focus each post to a single question--but you may make as many posts as you wish.
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  • For your first question, about WiFi, I think this post will help you. You can update your post to keep only the question about smoking in airports.
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Hopefully these will help you. Flying is by far the safest way to get around, so you should try to calm yourself and enjoy the experience!

Airbus A320:

  • Wifi - yes, above 10,000 ft.
  • Power socket - No.

CRJ 700:

  • WiFi - No
  • Power socket - No


  • WiFi - No
  • Power socket - No


  • WiFi - No
  • Power socket - Yes (but its shared)

For cell phones, according to United's electronic device policy:

Travelers may use small, lightweight portable electronic devices (as specified below) in "airplane mode" on United-operated flights. Cellular service must always be turned off prior to departure. Flight attendants will announce when devices may be used in flight, with general guidelines as follows:

Within the U.S. (includes U.S. territories), travelers may use permitted devices at all times. Between the U.S. and an international location, travelers may use permitted devices except when departing from or arriving into the international location, unless flight attendants have announced that permitted devices can be used throughout the flight. Outside of the U.S., permitted devices may only be used above 10,000 feet, unless flight attendants have announced that permitted devices can be used throughout the flight. Certain electronic devices could cause minor interference with aircraft navigational instruments. Therefore, the crew may ask travelers to completely turn off all devices in certain situations. All devices must be turned off and stowed during emergency preparations.

Travelers may turn on and use cellular service only when the main cabin door is open or when instructed by a flight attendant. Pagers may be used to receive messages at any time.

For smoking policies:

  • Seattle - Not allowed indoors (even e-cigarettes are not allowed)
  • San Francisco - Not allowed indoors (even e-cigarettes are not allowed). Smoking permitted 20 feet from the main entrances.
  • Denver - there is a smoking lounge at Timberline Steaks & Grill. E-cigarettes are not allowed (even in the smoking lounge).
  • Some other planes (including modern Boeing 777-W variants), have USB power. This can be used to charge tablets, etc. The power is either on the arm-rest, or in the seatback
    – CSM
    Aug 26, 2018 at 13:25

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