Is there any roofed accommodation in Boquillas del Carmen, Coahuila, Mexico?

Background: We're planning a winter trip to Big Bend National Park but we're not too sure about camping with the cold winter nights where temperatures below freezing are likely and below -5°C are possible (record low is -19°C). Roofed accommodation in the park is sold out for the period we're looking at. Roofed accommodation outside the park in the US means 2+ hours of extra driving each day, depending on the destination.

Just across the border from Rio Grande Village is Boquillas del Carmen, accessible since the border crossing reopened in 2013. Is there any roofed accommodation here? Wikipedia mentions the Buzzards Roost was popular until the border was closed in 2002. According to this blog post, it is "being converted into a motel". What is the situation for winter 2014/2015?


Yes, there is:

There are several places to stay in Boquillas. Most of us ended up in La Zappolita – the former Buzzard’s Roost. Several private rooms, clean bathrooms, no electricity, and your $25 fee for the night includes a huge breakfast with home-made beans and rice, tortillas, and tamales.


  • Gah, as per my comment above, when I researched, Buzzard's Roost had had its roof blown off and wasn't usable. Looks like they sold and upgraded. Good find! – Mark Mayo Dec 4 '14 at 6:05

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