I will be soon visiting the US, and I was wondering if I am allowed to buy a n=brand new Whey protein tub (5lb) and put in my carry on. It is a small trip and I usually just travel with my carry on only, so putting it in the hold baggage is not an option.

The protein tub costs $50 in the US and usually around $80-85 in Canada. Will I have problems or am I safe?

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The official rule for dairy products (which whey protein is) is that you can bring 20kg, valued at $20 or less, and of course you must declare it.

I wasn't able to discover what happens if you bring something valued at over $20, though my strong suspicion is that you may have to pay a duty and/or taxes on it.

In practice what may happen is that the customs officer will see it's canned goods from the United States and ignore it.

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