I have recently traveled from Tirana to Dubrovnik (airport) in a rather 'would not like to do it again' way that included more then a whole day of buses walking and hitch-hiking so i am curious to find out what is the best budget way to do this route in one day.

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By bus

  • Bus from Dubrovnik to Budva (3 hours)
  • Bus from Budva to Ulcinj (1.5 hour)
  • Bus from Ulchinj to Tirana (3.5 hours)

By Ferry

  • From Dubrovnik to Bari
  • From Bari to Durres
  • Bus from Durres to Tirana


Just rent a car

  • I was actually asking for the other way round. Still, do you have any more information regarding this bus from Tirana do Ulcinj? The single online reference i found for is through balkanviator.com/en/bus-timetables/tirana-alb/ulcinj-mne and since i have not heard of any such option while in Tirana i am a bit skeptical about it. Furthemore 14:00 departure makes it pretty much impossible to reach Dubrovnik the same day so I presume the suggested way is not feasible. Thanks for trying though. Also do you perhaps have any schedule link regarding this ferry option?
    – Nemirni
    Sep 15, 2014 at 14:31
  • I only now noticed properly your ferry idea(thought it was Bar at first). I must say it is a very optimistic and utterly non budget and lengthy idea. 44 euros deck ticket for an night ferry to Bari, then another 50 for a 'every second day' evening ferry to Dubrovnik is hardly sensible.
    – Nemirni
    Sep 15, 2014 at 14:52

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