I wonder if my 12 days trip to Japan (October 2014) make it worth buying a JR Pass?

Arrive to Narita Airport ->
5 Nights in Tokyo ->
1 Night in Hakone ->
1 Night in Kanazawa ->
4 Nights in Kyoto ->
1 Night in Osaka ->
Departure from Osaka Airport

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Getting a 7 day JR pass covering the long-distance trips between Tokyo and Kyoto may well be worth it (look up the prices for the individual tickets on Hyperdia and compare), especially if you use the opportunity to do things like a day trip from Kyoto to Hiroshima.

But the higher price of a 14 day JR pass will not be justifiable for you unless you plan to do lots of medium-distance day trips; local fares don't add up that much and often aren't covered by the JR pass anyway.

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